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Current openings

Social Media Manager (Novice/Junior) - Part Time
Preferably Hybrid, in Perth WA

We are looking for a Junior Social Media Manager that’s interested in social media, marketing, and video games.


We are 32-33, a two-people marketing agency that specialises in video games marketing. At the moment, we are working on PC and console games such as The Invincible, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, Bramble: The Mountain King, The Last Case of Benedict Fox, and more. And with a few games being promoted at the same time, we need a bit of help.


We are looking for someone that can help us out with a few of our client’s social media management - keeping track of content and posting it, ideating content, brainstorming marketing ideas, writing blog posts for Steam, and helping out with answering questions. 

We don’t expect that you will know everything. But, it would be nice if you love video games, understand the medium and culture, have an interest in marketing, understand social media, and be excited to experiment and come up with ideas. You will also need to be able to express your thoughts in a way that’s entertaining. If you know how to write with different voices in your head, you’ll fit right in. From our end, we promise that we will teach you everything that we know, and we hope that we will learn something from you as well.


If you are interested in applying, then please send us an email with a brief resume and a short outline the following things:

  • A little bit about yourself - who you are, what interests you, and what you’ve done that you are proud of (could be anything - personal, gaming, whatever).

  • Your favorite game/games.

  • Social media profiles/marketing campaigns, anything that created a buzz and/or made an impression on you. Can be outside of gaming as well.

  • Why you would like to work in video game marketing.

We want to see what type of person you are, what excites you, and to see if you will put a bit of effort into writing that email (we've seen some firecrackers in the past). And if you have any questions, just ask away. 


Now, this is a freelance/B2B type of position, with around 10 hours a week. And if you are a student and you are looking to get a job in your field – reach out as well. What matters is your attitude. And once again, any questions, just shoot us an email. As a wise man once said - there aren’t any stupid questions, just stupid answers (although that theory can be sometimes tested, please don’t test it on us). 


If you’re feeling this, we hope to speak with you soon. Email us at And as much as we would reply to everyone, only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

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